Be the Change the World Needs

Hello lovely people of the Internet. In light of recent events, political debates, and life in general, I felt compelled to write a message. No matter what anyone has been saying about you or the complications you have been facing in your life, do NOT give up.

You did this for a reason. You became the best version of yourself when you started fighting for your dreams. Why let fear get in the way of that? Why let someone else’s opinion of you or your work tromp on your hope for a happy, successful future?

The only person who can determine your success is you. 

I know life can be crazy sometimes, and the people in your life may not always be supportive, but only you know what is best for you. As entrepreneurs, artists, and students, we face tribulations all the time. You know what separates you from everyone else though? Instead of staying down, you get back up. Again and again and again. You don’t let one little snag in the road get in the way of what you want. You don’t let a rut keep you from chasing the goals you want in life.

You may fall down seven times, but you always stand up eight. If you feel like you haven’t been, then you need to take a long look in the mirror and tell yourself you can. You deserve the life you want. You deserve the good things that this world has to offer, not just negative attitudes keeping you down.

There are always going to be people and things in life that come in to challenge you and the way you think. This is normal. Without them, we would have no incentive to keep pushing. There would be no reason for you to try. Let these people fuel your fire to keep you on your path to success.

Let’s talk about negative energy for a second. Some people let thoughts of not being good enough keep them from going forward. They get caught up in drama and nonsense, staying far away from their goals because they are afraid that someday they will be at the root of everyone’s ridicules or laughs. It’s important to note that everyone is different and while you may agree or disagree with someone’s position on a subject, there is no reason not to be civil. After all, we are all adults here, right? If you make the decision to look past those negative conversations and keep negativity from your life, your mindset is going to benefit immensely.

The Indie community can be rough, but it can also be beautiful. There are tons of authors, designers, editors, marketing experts, and other types of artists who support one another against all odds. There are people who join groups and street teams on social media just to support their fellow creatives. They share images, blogs, and messages with their very own audience for someone else for one simple reason:

They want to help. 

As my elementary school teachers always said, sharing is caring. As funny as it is thinking back to those days, it is true. When we share things for one another, we tend to feel better about ourselves because we are doing something selfless. The same goes with smiling. I recently did an experiment where I smiled casually at every single person I made eye contact with while grocery shopping, and it was amazing how people responded. I had two people come up to me and tell me I had one of the kindest spirits they’ve encountered yet. I had three people tell me thank you for making their day when I smiled and made casual conversation. Not to mention, I even had people that were resisting smiling smile back. Why? Happiness is contagious.

Consider this in your life. Be the change the world needs. You may be one person, but as all the cheesy positive quotes on the Internet will tell you, one person is enough to change the world.

I hope this message finds you well.


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