YA Paranormal SHADOWS AT SUNSET Leaves You Begging for More


SHADOWS AT SUNSET by Tonya Royston


Recently, I had the pleasure of reading SHADOWS AT SUNSET, the first book in the exciting new YA paranormal Sunset Trilogy. The book follows Laken Sumner, a girl with a few things that set her apart from the crowd.

  1. She is the sheriff’s daughter.
  2. She is a new high school senior skeptical to look at college applications because she doesn’t want to leave her pet wolf.
  3. Did you hear that? She has a pet wolf. A PET wolf.
  4. She can communicate with animals.

The character development in the book is brilliant. I really connected with Laken, and when something happened to her, I felt emotionally attached. Don’t even get me started on her pet wolf, Dakota. Their pain belongs to one another, and you can feel their love as you read their story.

SHADOWS AT SUNSET is also home to a unique love triangle I haven’t seen before. Laken falls in love with Noah, the new deputy in their sleepy New England town. But just as things seem to be going great, in comes Xander, a bad boy surfer that seems to know things about Laken that she herself doesn’t. While Laken fights these urges for Xander, I couldn’t help but invest in their connection. Team Xander all the way! He is the perfect Damon Salvator, if you watch The Vampire Diaries.

The story carries on nicely, eluding to several interesting twists and turns. By the time it is over, you are left with many unanswered questions, but that only makes buying Book 2 as essential as food and water. We must find out what happens with Laken!

Fans of YA, paranormal romance, and mystery will love this unique tale about a girl and her wolf. I give it five stars!


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