A Look into the Life of Mia Gerard


Today on Project Misunderstood, I’d like to introduce you to a special guest, author Sylvia Stein. Sylvia has brought along the main character in her latest book, Chasing Clarity, to say hello and discuss the talent that makes her “misunderstood.” I am so excited to have them here today, as Sylvia and I have built a great writing foundation over the last year or so, and she has been a pleasure to work with.



I have a series of questions for Miss Mia Gerard, so let’s not waste one second! Welcome to the world, Mia.

  1. Mia, what made you interested in a career in dance in the first place?

First of all thank you for having me on today. I was interested in dance since I was a kid and I enrolled in my first dance class from the age of 5. I always loved dancing and how amazing it was to see the ballerinas.

  1. What kind of story do you tell about your life through your dancing?

Dance is for me is my way to express my feelings and it is also freedom.

  1. What is the most important thing you have learned from being a dancer?

I think what I have learned about being a dancer now that I am attending the New York Dance Academy is that dance is being dedicated and being able to work hard at it.

  1. How has everything that happened changed your dance career?

I have learned to be a stronger person and I never knew that was possible because of the terrible loss that I have endured. 

  1. Where would you like to see yourself go in the next year?

I hope that I can continue advancing as a dancer and be there for my new friends like they have been there for me.

  1. What advice do you have for aspiring dancers out there?

Never give up on your dream. If you love dance you have to be willing to work hard and make it happen.

  1. Is dance an art- yes or no? Why is that?

For me it is an Art because it expresses so much when as a dancer you can interpret the dance and bring it to life kind of like a painter does to a painting.

  1. What is your motto?

My Motto is to keep moving and have faith that you will be able to work through it.

  1. How has the author Sylvia Stein helped you develop as a person?

I think Sylvia Stein was able to carry out my story and bring all of the main traits that made me Mia Gerard come alive.

            10.  How hard was it for you to chase clarity? 

Oh it has been a hard road to let go of my one true love and deal with the loss. I am still new to this new form of clarity. I am taking it one day at time.



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Author Sylvia Stein began her path to writing when she joined the Writer’s Group on Linked in 750 in 2012 and she also started to connect with other authors through the World Literary Café. She continued her journey by creating short stories, which were published, in the Giant tales Anthology series. While obtaining her Masters degree at Southern New Hampshire University online author Stein built a solid foundation with her colleagues who encouraged her to continue on her writing. That’s when Closure was born. With the help of her editor Closure grew from a short story to a full novella that Author Stein is excited to share. Her First Debut Novel came in July 31, 2014 entitled, Closure and now she has just released her first YA called Chasing Clarity out October 5th 2015 . “ This is the first of many to come.”


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  1. thank you Ashlee McNicol! ❤

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  2. Ramon Olivares Jr says:

    Well what can I say about my sister,except that I have never been prouder to be her brother. I wish her much success in her endeavor as a writer and many accolades to follow. Please continue pursuing writing and be true to your art and your fans will be true to you. Love you sis.Ramon.

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    1. thank you bro this mean so much! Love ya too!


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