Author Emerald Barnes Stands Up Against Bullying

Okay, guys. It’s time to get excited. Why, you may ask? Well, you today I have one of my great author friends here for the rerelease of Entertaining Angels Blog Tour. Author Emerald Barnes is in the house. OW OW! In celebration of this event, here is a guest post on anti-bullying written by the lovely Emerald Barnes herself. 

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Bullying comes in all shapes and sizes, but I never really realized that until much later in my life. I never thought about how people making fun of my appearance because I was fat was bullying. I thought it was normal. I was different than everyone else. I was fat, and so I deserved the hate because I was different.

I remember first realizing how fat I was because of some girls who made fun of the way I looked. I was in elementary school, around second or third grade, and I had passed some high school girls. They saw me and made fun of me. With embarrassment heavy upon me, I hurried on to my class. And that’s why my life changed, and I let the words sink in and become part of who I was.

I wish I could say that it stopped there, but I can’t. It continued happening throughout my life, and with each tease and vulgar comment about my weight, it weighed so heavily on me that I finally accepted defeated. I struggled with trying to lose weight so I could fit in and would look better. I could even date the cutest boys if I was skinny. I thought that would make me feel better about myself. It didn’t.

What I never realized was that I would never feel better about myself until I stopped looking for acceptance from others started to accept myself, to even love myself for who I am.

See, words hurt. They will cut down a person until s/he is so broken they feel like they can’t ever be anyone worth loving, and I experienced that. I never felt worthy or beautiful. I hated myself, and it was all because others hated my looks and voiced their opinions.

I know we all have stories so very much like my own, and it’s my hope that you’ll begin to love yourself. Don’t pay any attention to what these bullies have said or will say. When you love yourself, when you realize how truly worthy you are, you’ll begin to heal. You’re a beautiful person, and what others say about you doesn’t matter. What matters is how you see yourself. You are worthy or happiness, love, and peace. Don’t ever forget that.

Remember, you are fearfully and wonderfully made! (Psalm 139:14)



FINALCOVERMadison Andrews can’t face her reflection in the mirror. All she sees is a big, fat nobody. Yet, deep inside she longs for something more, something that’s not skin deep.

Along comes Zach, the new guy in high school. He’s smoking hot and totally out of her league. She somehow catches his eye, and he makes her feel beautiful for once. But just as she gets close to Zach, her nerdy best friend, Chase, won’t let Madison doubt her true beauty, no matter how many meals she skips.

Dark forces are at work, darker than the lies and mocking from her peers, stopping her from amounting to her full potential. With her newfound Christian faith, can Madison find true happiness in her own skin amidst the battle of angels and demons?___________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Emerald Barnes graduated with a B.A. iEmeraldBarnesn English with an emphasis on Creative Writing at Mississippi University for Women. She resides in a small town in Mississippi and has the accent to prove it. She’s an auntie to three beautiful nieces and two handsome nephews. She’s a Whovian, a little bit of a nerd, a reader, a writer, and a family-oriented person. God is number one in her life, and she thanks Him continuously for His love and favor.

Connect with Emerald online:

Facebook: E​merald Barnes

Twitter: @​emeraldbarnes



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  1. oh Emerald thank you for this post. Thank you for sharing this on your post Ashlee. You are beautiful and such an inspiration Emerald! Love you my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Syl! Love you too!


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